Our partners

A specialist in real estate information for management companies and building contractors, NeatAlerts also contributes to the success of clients in other sectors, such as healthcare or legal services.

The Foundation for Industrial Land in Geneva uses NeatAlerts' real estate and economic monitoring tool to optimise the time devoted to accompanying companies and to the development of industrial land.
This versatile tool provides dynamic access to official publications and promotes efficient information sharing by its teams.


Migros Valais, which wants to offer its customers innovative products and services, was won over by NeatAlerts's offer. This enables it to no longer miss relevant official notices such as public enquiries, debt enforcements & bankruptcies, and operating permits.

La Foncière

La Foncière, a Swiss real estate investment fund, is gaining in responsiveness and efficiency with the digital monitoring carried out by NeatAlerts of official notices, property sales and subletting from Geneva to Zurich.

CVSE Swiss
CVSE Swiss now finds its customers much faster – without being bombarded with unnecessary alerts! – thanks to the geolocation and keyword search engine (e.g. «villa» or professional codes).
«The history of official notices allows me to see the constructions of an architect. And with the personalised letter template, making contact is child's play.» C. Jakob, CEO
GPF Gestion de Patrimoine Foncier SA

GPF Gestion de Patrimoine Foncier SA, with an innovative vision and the desire to defend the interests of its clients, trusts NeatAlerts to provide them with reliable information on building permits and real estate sales.

Régie du Mail

The Régie du Mail has found in NeatAlerts the ideal partner to inform a demanding clientele about building permits and property sales in the vicinity of their buildings and residential properties.

Swiss Prime Site Immobilien

Swiss Prime Site Immobilien – Office Geneva entrusts NeatAlerts with the supervision of the official notices and property sales in French-speaking Switzerland in order to identify properties under construction and important sale/purchase transactions.

Pic-Vert AssProp GE

The Pic-Vert association, with more than 3,000 members, has chosen NeatAlerts to obtain rapid and relevant information on public enquiry notices in order to better protect the interests of all individual property owners in the canton of Geneva.

La caisse de prévoyance du personnel de l'Etat du Valais

The pension fund of the State of Valais is gaining in reliability and time thanks to the automated monitoring of building permits carried out by NeatAlerts in the two linguistic regions of the canton.


GEP SA, the management company of the Fonds Immobilier Romand FIR since 1953, also monitors the building permits using NeatAlerts – more reliable and quicker than a conscientious reading of the FAO!

Rentes Genevoises

Les Rentes Genevoises, specialists in secure individual pension solutions and owners of a large number of properties, have found in the NeatAlerts property monitoring tool a modern solution that combines with their sustainable and socially responsible vision.